The Learning Curve

Today we talk about the third greatest challenge Narrators face in learning Audiobook Narration.  And that is…

#3 – The Learning Curve 

I’m not going to lie to you, it’s steep. Most people tackle audiobooks right out of the gate when they get interested in voice over.  Many coaches encourage it, and I’d have to count myself among those. 

For one thing – if you survive your first audiobook, you’re definitely going to know if you want to stick with it and pursue working as a voice over.  (Blunt enough for ya?)  But you will also have won a battle and be well on your way to having some great skills to carry you forward.

Here’s why the learning curve is so steep.

“How do I (fill in the blank).” 

“What is that sound?” 

“Does my voice really sound like that?” 

“Is my sound quality really good enough?”

And perhaps the most important skills you’ll build are the 3 Ps.

Practice, patience, and persistence.

So why do we do this?  I’m sure everyone will have a different answer.  But for me, it’s simple.  There is magic in the journey.  And the journey is different with every story.  I get to discover some really wonderful stories.  And I get to discover so much about myself along the way.  So hang in there!

Gratefully yours,


P.S.: Next week, the second biggest challenge Audiobook Narrators face.

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