The #1 Challenge in Learning Audiobook Narration

Drum roll if you please…

Handling the Technical Side of Life

This can be daunting and overwhelming.  The scope of “technical” stuff in an audiobook can range from:

And that’s before you hit the weird stuff that you have to troubleshoot.

I’m not trying to scare anyone away from jumping on the voice over training.  It’s not impossible, it’s just – challenging because… you don’t know, what you don’t know – until you know it.

This is why I’m building out The Writers Audiobook Clinic ( as a resource for audiobook creation – just for writers.  I’ve already got a free video up on the site, The Audiobook Production Tour, that walks you through the production process and coaches you on how to work effectively with a narrator.  And a Quick Start Guide to Great Sound if you’re trying to get set up to record.  (Email me at and I can send you a copy.  It will be available on the website soon.)

And it’s why I created The Breakthrough Audiobook Narration Course – just for Writers.  We walk you through the process with a combination of pre-recorded lessons and live sessions where you can ask questions, get assistance and tackle both the artistic and technical side of life with a coach.

The next class starts in March.  Check it out.

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