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It occurred to me that a voice over professional writing blog posts was a bit “left of center.” This is a phrase I use when something is almost, but not quite, right or on the mark.

In thinking this through it comes in part from my eclectic nature. I am many things. One of which is a writer (author and playwright). But this blog is part of my professional voice over website. So… where’s my voice?

So I decided to add audio (i.e., a podcast). From now on my “blogs” will include audio and written word. Which also plays into last week’s post about Accessibility. (Yay, go me!)

I decided to brand my podcast “The Eclectic VO Podcast” because it really does truly describe me and it allows me to expand topics to my full (sometimes freaky) range of creative endeavors. After all, the purpose of a blog is for people to be able to get to know me and to start a few conversations along the way.

Welcome to…

The Eclectic VO Podcast

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Setting Goals

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

True confession time.  I subscribe to the DailyOM.  You can find it at  It’s a wonderful site of daily inspirational blogs and a great selection of  courses which you can pay for on a sliding scale. 

Today’s post focused on goals and two quotes really stood out for me.

“Our desires act as fuel, propelling us toward new horizons.”


“Goals are the dreams that we are willing to work for.”

I really like these quotes.  They ring true for me.  And another secret… I struggle with goals.  Okay, those of you who know me now can stop laughing.  And for those of you who don’t know me very well, I’ll let you in on the giggles.  I do a crazy, eclectic, insane amount of things.  I probably have 10 projects running at any one time. And there are probably 5 more bouncing around in the back of my head, ready to jump in and fill the first open spot when I finish one. 

I have always been an eclectic whirlwind of interests and energy.  My mother repeatedly told me, “You won’t be really great at anything if you don’t pick one thing.”  I hated that. 

My response was, “Why should I give up everything for just one thing?”

I know she was only trying to get me to focus my talents, but I was less focused on achievement than I was on exploration and understanding.  I wanted to know a thing.  I wanted to see all the pieces of the puzzle and understand how they fit together. How one piece influenced another.  I want to know how to do a thing and develop enough skill at it that I could see other applications for its use. 

What my mother was trying to teach me wasn’t to give things up but to take responsibility for my life.  That’s the true value of setting goals.

Take responsibility for your life. 

Choose what you want to do, who you want to be. 

Take some time to think about this.  It’s not as easy.  Take time to fully visualize what it is to be the person you want to be.  What does a day in the life of that new (or old) person look like?  How do you feel?  How do you move, and sound?  What does that day look like from beginning to end?  You wake up in the morning and do what?  You think what?  You feel what?  Then what comes next?

Take the time?  Visualize it.  Write a journal on it.  Set it aside and move on to the next thing or goal that you want to explore. 

I invite you to try this with me.  Taking the time to fully visualize you’re a goal is key to understanding what it is you truly want.  And it is the key to building a successful roadmap to get there.

So, to share yet another question that I have always disliked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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