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eLearning Trends in 2021 and beyond

According to eLearning Industry

In 2017, 77% of companies used some type of virtual learning.  In 2020 that jumped to 98%.  Companies are faced with transitioning from paper-based training materials to the more modern, accessible (and dare I say more effective) eLearning.  And there are some new amazing curation and creation software tools to help them get the job done.

So what does this mean for the voice over professional? 

Well, it means more work.  But the type of work?  Yes, there will be hours and hours of audio to record, but if we truly want to serve our clients, we need to think outside the box just like they have to. 

Trends are leaning toward the increased use of micro-trainings. Short, on-point, topic- or even question-specific training that may only be 2-3 minutes long.  And there are some great tools like Lessonly and Pinpoint Workforce available to companies that allow them to do this.  They can now create, maintain, and distribute micro-trainings, checklist and policies to targeted audiences in their employee pool.  And they can push updates out through mobile apps.

Getting these tools setup is going to take a lot of organization and planning.   And it won’t always be appropriate for a company to bring in a voice over professional to provide new audio.  Sometimes, there just won’t be time, or there may be a strong company desire to have the training voiced in house.  So how can we help serve our clients who find themselves in this situation?

Gone are the days of classroom lectures.  Virtual learning has to be ear-catching in addition to eye-catching.  And it has to have good sound. 

I worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years – much of it spend as a project manager.  As a voice over professional I understand the technical side of audio production as well as the performance side.

So thinking outside the box… about the challenges my clients will face in the field of eLearning… I can help solve some of the problems you might face as you transition from a paper-based classroom to eLearning.  Yes, I can provide a great recording from your scripts, lifting your words from the page as the voice of the corporate narrator, co-work, or quirky character in role playing; but I can also

So, if your company is just getting started in development of your eLearning program and you need a brand voice, call me.

Or, if you need a project manager-minded consultant to help you get started with the technical side… the performance side… or the post production side – call me.

And if you don’t know where you need help, but just feel like you could really use some… call me.  I’m happy to jump on a call and chat about what you’re working on.  It would be my pleasure.

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