Moving From Fear to Risk Awareness

This week in my business support group we discussed risk.  I described myself as “not being risk adverse.”  Not to say I enjoy risk or that I am, as some have called me… fearless.  I am not without fear.  No one is.  Any animal, humans included, have three reactions to fear.  Fight. Flight, or Freeze.

We can do all three. We can jump around between the options.  And we can respond differently to the same fear each time we meet it.  But those are the option.

But what comes next? 

What you do after that initial reaction is important.  It’s what keeps you moving forward and coming back to face your fear again.  It’s progress.  For what it’s worth, here are the steps I take to move from that out-of-control fear reaction (i.e., being stuck) to moving forward.

I am driven by curiosity, pattern recognition, and critical thinking.  I love to examine things. To see how they work.  To figure out how they relate or influence other things around them.  And I love to problem solve.

Moving From Fear to Risk Awareness

What is your instinctual, base reaction to fear? 

What are the pros and cons of this reaction? 

How can you use the pros to improve your next steps? 

What actions or steps can you take to counterbalance the cons?

What other traits in your personality can you move forward when faced with fear?

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