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  • Moving From Fear to Risk Awareness

    This week in my business support group we discussed risk.  I described myself as “not being risk adverse.”  Not to say I enjoy risk or that I am, as some have called me… fearless.  I am not without fear.  No one is.  Any animal, humans included, have three reactions to fear.  Fight. Flight, or Freeze.…

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  • What a Voice Over Really Costs

    Voice Over artists are often asked, “What is your rate?”  The answer can be complicated because it’s based on : what you are being asked to do recordingproofingeditingadding in background musicsyncing to presentations or videodubbing to new language usage paid channels like TV, Radio or Internet, social media ads)non-paid channels like social media posts, YouTubeinternal…

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  • The #1 Skill a Voice Artist Needs is – Empathy

    I ran across a longer version of this quote this morning and my first thought was, “This is it.” This is the root of all things. Dont’ worry I’m not going to go on a long philosophical rant. But, THIS. IS. KEY. In marketing and writing copy for any product or service you are challenge…

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  • Check it out!

    Check out my new demo link from VoiceZam! Great tool that allows your clients to find their perfect voice among your demo clips.

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  • Content Marketing Trends for 2022

    I ran across this great article. It’s so good, I’m just going to post the link to it. Go read it!

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  • Moving Beyond “No”

    I think we spend too much time thinking about what we “don’t do”… “can’t do”… or “shouldn’t do.”  And I understand this.  Afterall one of the first words we learn as a child is “no.” No, don’t do that. No, you can’t have that. And as teenagers and young adults exploring the world and our…

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  • It’s a VO’s Life

    This was first penned as a cartoon strip early in my VO career. I had something similar, but not so easily spotted, happen when a Windows update played havoc with my audio interface. I learned several valuable lessons from this, but not until I let off some frustration by storyboarding this cartoon. Enjoy! 2022 (c)…

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  • Do You

    I follow Anthony Palmini on LinkedIn.  He’s a fellow “eclectic” as an actor, editor, director, composer and voice over artist.  He has a short post featuring Producer/Director Shawn Levy who is known for his work in Arrival, Strangers Things, and Night at the Museum.  Anthony and Shawn offers simple advise.  “Do you.” Be free enough…

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  • Think Outside the Box

    My morning routine is pretty set. I get up, take my son to work, go through Starbucks, come back and dive into orders, recording anything that’s waiting in the inbox before turning to correspondence. I clear out my personal email then deal with business.  Both Dreamtime Illustrations (my children’s book business) and True Voice Productions…

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