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  • The #1 Challenge in Learning Audiobook Narration

    Drum roll if you please… Handling the Technical Side of Life This can be daunting and overwhelming.  The scope of “technical” stuff in an audiobook can range from: Purchasing the right equipment Knowing if your recording space is quiet enough Downloading digital audio workstations (DAW) and plug-ins Getting the pre-amp settings and mic position and…

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  • Performance Anxiety

    I have to be honest with you.  There’s a tie between the #2 challenge and the #1 challenge so I had to make a choice.  Because performance anxiety feeds self-doubt, I decided to place it in the number two position. Performance anxiety feeds self-doubt and increases your stress and frustration.  Therefore I think it’s important…

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  • 5 Challenges in Audiobook Narration

    I recently surveyed hundreds of Narrators and asked them what their top challenge was when they first started to create audiobooks.  Their responses flooded in.  As I read through their comments, I found myself nodding in agreement.  I had felt these things too when I first started narrating!  Now I look back and am a…

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