Moving Beyond “No”

I think we spend too much time thinking about what we “don’t do”… “can’t do”… or “shouldn’t do.”  And I understand this.  Afterall one of the first words we learn as a child is “no.” No, don’t do that. No, you can’t have that. And as teenagers and young adults exploring the world and ourContinue reading “Moving Beyond “No””

10 Reasons to Use Video Content

The goal of any business is to attract clients who will then take action.  This is true if you are a freelancer selling home products at house parties or if you are a large investment firm providing financial planning services.  You need to find prospects who will become clients who will then buy your productsContinue reading “10 Reasons to Use Video Content”

5 Things to Try When You’ve Been Given Contradicting or Confusing Directions

I had a really good – and frustrating day – yesterday. I welcomed three new clients to the True Voice Productions family. That was great! And, as chance would have it,  all three of them reference the same selection in my Commercial Demo as the style read they preferred. It was the luxury car commercial.Continue reading “5 Things to Try When You’ve Been Given Contradicting or Confusing Directions”

The #1 Challenge in Learning Audiobook Narration

Drum roll if you please… Handling the Technical Side of Life This can be daunting and overwhelming.  The scope of “technical” stuff in an audiobook can range from: Purchasing the right equipment Knowing if your recording space is quiet enough Downloading digital audio workstations (DAW) and plug-ins Getting the pre-amp settings and mic position andContinue reading “The #1 Challenge in Learning Audiobook Narration”

Performance Anxiety

I have to be honest with you.  There’s a tie between the #2 challenge and the #1 challenge so I had to make a choice.  Because performance anxiety feeds self-doubt, I decided to place it in the number two position. Performance anxiety feeds self-doubt and increases your stress and frustration.  Therefore I think it’s importantContinue reading “Performance Anxiety”

5 Challenges in Audiobook Narration

I recently surveyed hundreds of Narrators and asked them what their top challenge was when they first started to create audiobooks.  Their responses flooded in.  As I read through their comments, I found myself nodding in agreement.  I had felt these things too when I first started narrating!  Now I look back and am aContinue reading “5 Challenges in Audiobook Narration”