About Me

“I am an eclectic soul driven by curiosity.”

I grew up in Southern Wisconsin with three sisters by blood and an extended family of choice, emerced in the arts in one form or another. It’s not that I didn’t “get” math or the sciences. It’s more that I argued that our entire mathematical system is flawed because zero doesn’t exist. I think it’s a placeholder used to make our system of math work.

L->R: Querida, Amy, Lu-C, Alysse

I have three children: Jamie, Chelsea, and Shane – all grown – and two grandbabies: Brodie and Izzy.  Jamie is a baker, Chelsea, a benefits supervisor, and Shane is a pre-school teacher.  Brodie and Izzy are wild, curious, and crazy, as all young children should be. 

The Arts

“I’ve spent as much time working in the arts as I have working in corporations.”

Even though I spent 30 years in the corporate world, I’ve always had a wide arena of interests and activities. My artist’s CV includes credits for film and stage (actor, director, producer, playwright, and designer) and I am an author and illustrator.

Artist, Author/Illustrator, Political Cartoonist (DreamtimeIlllustrations.com)

I’ve loved photography since my mother first put her box camera in my hands when I was in 8th grade.

Costume Design

“Ideas drive innovation and imagination drives outcomes.”

Much of volunteer time is spent working with local community theater. I enjoy mentoring teens and teaching the trades. I especially love creating costumes with special touches (Easter Eggs) that help the actors connect to their characters.  They (the actors) always seem so touched when they find there is a significance behind the design, choice in fabric, or a button.