A friend of mine recently introduced me to a gentlemen named Benjamin Michael Freeman who started a charitable service group in March called Soup4U. He’s on Facebook. Check it out.

He’s just a guy, grateful for what he has, who wants to make a difference. And for now, a small difference is enough. One day a week, Wednesdays, he and a group of volunteers head out into two of the Madison (WI) parks where some of the homeless camp. He takes donations (blankets, etc.) and lunch out to the parks.

This week I stepped in to make a salad to go with the pizzas other are making for this Wednesday’s lunch. And I am SO grateful.

Of course, I’m grateful to have a roof over my head and food on my table.

I’m also grateful to cook for more than just 1 or 2 people. I know that may sound very silly, but I got used to cooking for the family or a the crowd of teenagers who come over after school and stayed for supper. Or a group of family and friends hanging out for a Margarita Night. I could end up cooking for 10 people without even blinking. And I miss it.

And, I’m grateful to have put this week’s harvest to good use. The produce came from my garden, my neighbors garden (my tomatoes are still green so he volunteered some of his harvest), and a generous Farmer who donates his excess farmer’s market produce to my son’s pre-school. On Friday I take home their excess and divvy it up around the neighborhood.

So in gratitude, I say, “Enjoy!”

Harvest Salad

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