Thank you, OHS Drama Club!

Last week I had the great honor of chatting with the Oregon High School Drama Club and their adviser about theater. This is something new that the kids are doing since the world is working/teaching virtually much of the time. They are inviting Guest Actors to chat with them about what it’s like to adult in theater.

They asked great questions! They were excited to learn about the depth and breadth of voice over work. Like I told them, they “only think they don’t know what it is, but in fact, they listen to VOs at least 20x a day!”

We also got to chat about design in theater and how the director is the Ultimate Designer having just black ink on a white page to start from. We talked in detailed about the costume design process and my own penchant for building little “Easter Eggs” into the costumes that inspire character development.

They are a fun, bright group of kids and I could have kept talking to them for hours! Thank you! And break a leg on your upcoming virtual production of Clue.

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