Georgetown, An Animated Series

Guys, you have to check this out! This is one of the most fun and creative ideas for small town marketing that I have every come across! This is the brain child of Michael Crisp. He is the producer of Georgetown: The Animated Series. He developed a fun way to encourage tourism, engage the community, and support local businesses through this animated comedy series.

Here’s what he has to say about Georgetown: The Animated Series.

“Our show is a comedy series featuring the offbeat adventures of the inhabitants of a small town in Kentucky. The show features colorful personalities that are based on real people, as well as exciting storylines that take place in actual places throughout our beloved Kentucky community.”

Yesterday Episode 3 premiered. I got to voice Sassy Boots! A new character introduced in this episode. Check it out – watch the series from the beginning! And if you’re on the road, stop in Georgetown, Kentucky and check out the real deal.

Keep coming back for more because I may (spoiler alert) be back in future episodes!

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