So, You Want to Turn Your Book Into an Audiobook…

Some of you may know that I am an Author, an Author/Illustrator, and an Narrator. I’ve been involved with a variety of writer’s groups since the 1980s. And lately I’ve been fielding questions from Indie authors about audiobooks. Would you like to know more about them? How they’re made? What the steps are in the process? I’d be happy to share. In fact, I’m conducting a survey about authors and audiobooks for my upcoming Masterclass project. 

I would love to get your insights and I invite the authors who would like to turn their work into an audiobook to participate. 

Your feedback will be making an important contribution to this topic and I’ll be sharing the top challenges with you, along with specific resources to address those challenges directly, once the survey is completed. 

The survey takes less than 3 minutes and you can get started now by going to this link:

I look forward to sharing these insights and resources with you. 

With thanks, 


P.S.: Please share this out to your author friends. Appreciate it!

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